We see progressive access to information and transparency policies as necessary preconditions for improved effectiveness of international development aid. We envision an open data ecosystem that promotes awareness, accountability and information sharing to improve decision-making, accountability and participatory, inclusive development.


We aim to extend and improve access to development research and data in Haiti. Our goal is to share data that will transform the foreign-funded international development sector into a more transparent and efficient system that reaches the people it is meant to serve. The Haiti Repository is a country-specific tool, designed to satisfy the information needs of researches, development practitioners and volunteers. The Haiti Repository will close the data information and resource knowledge gap that exists between communities served, donors and development experts. 


The Haiti Repository serves as a clearinghouse of reports submitted by development and aid organizations, policy reports and recommendations developed by in-country experts to address problems in development and aid and other academic and literature-based documents. The Repository  uses a system similar to academic peer review to help determine the quality and usefulness of reports, evaluations, as well as academic treatises that can be drawn on to make development more effective.  By mapping organizations, the website provides publicly available information that has never been collected in one place. The map provides detailed information and visualization on organization location, financials, reporting and interventions. It increases organizations’ ability to act collectively, locate potential partners, identify intervention gaps, and improve programs.