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The Haiti Repository platform development


The purpose of the Haiti Repository is to serve as an open source development research database which promotes awareness, accountability and information sharing that improves decision-making, accountability and inclusive development.  The Haiti Repository is the first data ecosystem that represents the full context of international aid and development in Haiti. As such, it will transform the foreign-funded international development sector into a more transparent and efficient system that reaches the people it is meant to serve. The Haiti Repository will close the data information and resource knowledge gap that exists between communities served, donors and development experts.


We see progressive access to information as necessary preconditions for improved effectiveness and transparency of international development aid. Our goal is to consolidate and share publicly available international aid data with researchers, development practitioners, recipient communities, donors and volunteers. In creating this inclusive data ecosystem, we aim to transform and improve the foreign-funded international development sector in Haiti.


Sharing the data in an open and accessible way with all stakeholders will put pressure on organizations to perform better and ultimately increase accountability and effectiveness.