Action Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti. Immediate key initiatives for the future

The Action Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti that we are presenting to our partners in the international community indicates the requirements to be fulfilled so that the earthquake, devastating as it was, turns into a window of opportunity so that, in the Head of State’s words, the country can be reconstructed. This is a rendezvous with history that Haiti cannot miss. We must obtain results; we owe it to our children and our children’s children.

The solidarity expressed spontaneously in the hours following the disaster by Haitian men and women at home and abroad, as well as by the international community towards our people, gives us the confidence we need in this historic duty.

The plan that we are putting forward is based on a joint effort of reflection and consultation. In diplomatic circles, formal and constructive talks have made us aware of the expectations of our international partners and allowed us to explain to them our choices for the future. On technical issues, national officials, supported by international experts, have carried out an assessment of damage and losses as part of the PDNA (Post Disaster Needs Assessment), which is an integral part of this plan.

This proposal is Haitian because, despite the very tight schedule, key sectors of Haitian society were consulted. This is the same for all Haitians living abroad who have mobilised themselves and have shown that their commitment to the future of the country remains a strong binding factor of active solidarity. These efforts and consultations are ongoing and will continue in the weeks and months ahead.

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