Environmental Assessment of the USAID/Haiti North Park Power Project

The Government of Haiti (GOH), in conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the United States Government (USG), is developing a 150-hectare industrial park in the northern region of Haiti that will host export-oriented garment manufacturers and other businesses. The North Park Project (NPP) will, in Phase 1 (2012 – 2014) accommodate approximately 18,000 workers in the garment industry, growing to support 65,000 permanent jobs once the Park is fully developed. The industrial park will be owned by the GOH and operated by a private sector management company.

The USG has agreed to provide power to supply the park and settlements serving the workers in the park. The power plant will be owned by GOH but managed by a separate private sector management company. The purpose of the USAID/Haiti North Park Power (NPP) Project is to design the conceptual plan for power plant with an eventual capacity of 25-35 MW. The power facility is needed to provide power all the electrical power needs for the North Industrial Park, including the textile industry, wastewater treatment plant, and residents living within the park. A conceptual engineering plan with general design specifications has been prepared under the guidance of USAID certified engineers.

This EA addresses the anticipated environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the power plant, and provides requirements for environmental monitoring and mitigation. Based on the findings of this Environmental Assessment, Addendum No. 1 and its associated attachments delineates environmental compliance and mitigation requirements to be placed upon the selected contractor during detailed design, construction, testing, commissioning, startup, and turnover period of the power plant in order to comply with the environmental directives of USAID and the Haiti Ministry of the Environment and protect the environment and human health.

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