Environmental Impact Assessment, SISALCO 4.000 ha Pilot Sisal Plantation Project in North-East Haiti

The social and economic difficulties of Haiti are well documented over the last decades. Future priorities in the economic sphere are in the sustainable growth of different local crops, which will improve the living standards of its population.

In fact, the priorities of the Post-Earthquake Action Plan include to reactivate the economy and systematically include environmental aspects in all decisions related to the process of recovery and development. One of the most important strategies of the action plan is to establish an active employment policy by supporting labor-intensive activities, involving Haitian firms, and local labor and communities (ICVA 2016).

The sisal project responds to this action plan through taking into consideration, among others, the diversification of small producers’ income, including the promotion of quality labor conditions for the Haitian’s workforce, especially in the North-East Region, without discrimination, and managing the soil resources in a sustainable way, which in turn is related to the protection of agricultural land.

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