Haiti Country Portfolio Evaluation (2005 -2010)

Country Portfolio Evaluations (CPE) encompass the entirety of WFP’s programme-related activities during a specific period. They evaluate the performance and results of the portfolio as a whole and provide evaluative insights to make evidence-based strategic decisions about positioning WFP in a country, strategic partnerships, operations design and implementation.

The purpose of these terms of reference (TOR) is to provide key information to stakeholders about the proposed evaluation, to guide the evaluation team and specify expectations during the various phases of the evaluation. The TOR are structured as follows: Chapter 1 provides information on the context; Chapter 2 presents the rationale, objectives, stakeholders and main users of the evaluation; Chapter 3 presents the WFP portfolio and defines the scope of the evaluation; Chapter 4 identifies the key issues; Chapter 5 spells out the evaluation approach; and Chapter 6 indicates how the evaluation will be organized. The annexes provide additional information on bibliography and reporting templates.

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