Haiti Environmental Country Profile 1985

Few countries in the world face a more serious threat to their own survival from environmental catastrophe than Haiti. Overpopulated, its resources are overexploited and trends towards further environmental deterioration are apparent everywhere. The chance for reversing these trends, thereby preventing human suffering, destabilization of the country, and the further loss of development potential is diminishing daily. Much needs to be done, and quickly.

The field study for the country environmental profile of Haiti (HCEP), financed by USAIDIHaiti was carried out during the first three weeks of 1985by a team of six specialists. The purpose of the Haiti Profile is to present in one document information, data and analyses on the country’s natural resource base, and highlight environmental problems and trends. Included in the report are syntheses of the relative state of the country’s natural resource base., the institutional legal aspects of environmental issues, and the socio-cultural background of the country as it affects the present state of its physical environment. Not all aspects relating to the state of the environment, such as public health, demography and energy were covered in detail due to time restrictions. A comprehensive institutional and legal sector analysis was also not possible. These may be covered in future additions to this document

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