Haiti Hope Project 2015 Annual Survey and Evaluation

Haiti Hope was a $10 million mango project sponsored by Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID); and the Soros Foundation. The Haiti Hope Project’s primary objective is to raise the income of 25,000 mango farmers. The farmers will increase their income by over 100 percent on average after five years in the program. [TCCC and TechnoServe 2010]

The primary objective of this report is to respond to the question,

How well attuned was the Haiti Hope project strategy to promoting an increase in present and future revenues for Mango farmers and other mango supply chain actors. [TOR]

The answer is that Haiti Hope made significant achievements overall but was limited by understanding and misleading assumptions inherent in the project design, specifically those regarding the value of mangos on the domestic economy, the interest that Haitian producers have in producing for the export market, and the unrealistic expectations regarding commitment and capacity of other stakeholders, most notably ANEM cartel.

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