Haiti Investment Guide

Private investment by domestic and foreign actors has been a fundamental driving force in almost every instance of rapid and sustained economic growth in modern history. Companies committing to emerging countries can reap unparalleled returns while knowledge and expertise are advanced, new markets are accessed and old markets are expanded.

Haiti is currently seeing consistent increased levels of private investment and faster rates of economic growth, which promise to transform the country into one where the once frustrated hopes of its people can be realized through dynamic progress and development. In numerous economic sectors spanning from agriculture to high-level manufacturing, Haiti has shown that it is more than capable of hosting leading corporations whose success is inspiring them to reinvest and expand, while positively impacting local lives and deepening the identity of their brands internationally.

Furthermore, with a lack of growth in key Latin American markets and the resulting imperative need for companies to go global, Haiti stands out as a very attractive market in which to do business in, and an excellent location to serve as a platform for world markets.

We invite you to be part of this new chapter opening in Haiti’s unique history.

This guide, produced by the CFI (Center for Facilitation of Investments), is aimed at both local and international investors, who want to understand more about investing in Haiti. It intends to display the wealth of business opportunities that are currently available, as well as to provide investors with a strong foundation of information to support them in their investment decision. Moreover, the

CFI wants to assure investors that they will be supported throughout the entire process leading to the implementation of their investment, from the preliminary exploration phase up to the post- establishment aftercare support.

The CFI is your partner for investing successfully in Haiti.

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