Humanitarian Needs Overview

In 2018, Haiti suffered a period of severe drought, floods and an earthquake, at a time the country is still facing epidemics of cholera, diphtheria and malaria, a migration crisis with the voluntary or forced displacement of Haitian populations from the Dominican Republic or other countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region, and recurrent protection problems.

These factors, combined with chronic poverty, the economic and social crisis, and structural deficiencies, have contributed to perpetuating a humanitarian crisis situation. Humanitarian needs assistance in 2019 concern 2.6 million people, including 1,330,000 women, 1,306,000 men, 1,227,000 children, 1,248,000 adults and 161,000 elderly people who are mainly affected by acute food insecurity. Almost half of those affected are children.

Throughout Haiti, 39 municipalities in 8 departments and the border area with the Dominican Republic have been de ned as priority intervention areas, in addition to the Grand Nord recently affected by an earthquake. Artibonite, Centre and Ouest regions are particularly affected by cholera and diphtheria epidemics. The HNO analysis conducted by the sectors considered the approach to the humanitarian needs of the Haitian population around the 4 major humanitarian issues provided below.

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