Integrated Baseline Study. Ten Communes of the Southwest Coast, South Department, Haiti

This report provides an integrated multi-sector analysis for ten communes in the southwest coast of the South Department of Haiti, designed to serve as a baseline for a larger ongoing monitoring platform. The new data contained within this study is meant to inform decision-makers, guide policymakers and support ongoing project design. Robust information is fundamental to addressing complex development challenges and to ensuring high-quality technical assistance to planners and communities.

The ten commune region, known for its beautiful coastline and its proximity to the Pic Macaya National Park, is an area of high potential for tourism and business development. It is the area of intervention for numerous development programs and one of several growth poles and areas of focus within the national decentralization plans designated by the Government of Haiti and its partners. Despite the region’s potential, the government and non-governmental organizations continually record chronic poverty and food insecurity. USAID identifies the greater Tiburon watershed as an area of severe environmental degradation and priority for watershed restoration. This is especially urgent, as the region comprises a sensitive conservation zone of the Pic Macaya with environmental influence over the entire southern peninsula.

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