IOM Haiti. Strategic Plan 2013-2014

Pursuant to the transition from emergency to recovery and development recently undergone in Haiti, IOM Haiti has produced this Strategic Plan, which outlines strategies and priorities for IOM in Haiti for the next two years. This strategic plan articulates the organization’s priorities and identifies its approach to address current and emerging issues. This plan will serve as a framework of IOM Haiti’s projects development and implementation and will be an indicator of the organization’s performance and ability to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Organization’s objectives are three-fold:

SO1: To further Integrate the mission with the policy priorities of the GOH and those of our partners; SO2: To Strengthen our traditional migration portfolio, including migration and development; and SO3: To continue to fulfil our responsibilities to IDPs, including the provision of Durable Housing Solutions.

These objectives will guide the project and policy development of the organization into the next two years.

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