Review of corals from Fiji, Haiti, Solomon Islands and Tonga

This document provides a review of the status and management of coral harvest and trade from Fiji, Haiti, Solomon Islands and Tonga, with particular focus on genera that were selected for more in-depth review at SRG69. Those genera include species for which there are current EU decisions in place at the species level for these range States, yet identification to genus level is acceptable under CITES Notification No. 2013/035 for the purpose of implementing Resolutions Conf. 11.17 (Rev. CoP16) on National reports and Conf. 12.3 (Rev. CoP16) on Permits and certificates. These decisions may therefore provide implementation challenges, and the present document provides a basis for the SRG to reassess them.

At its 69th meeting, the SRG considered an overview of corals for which there are valid decisions that had been formed at species level, but for which CITES Notification No. 2013/0351 specifies that trade can be reported at genus level (although species should be identified where feasible).

Based on this overview, the SRG selected a number of genera for more in-depth review in order to form an opinion at genus level where possible: Acropora, Lobophyllia and Pocillopora (Fiji, Solomon Islands and Tonga), Stylophora (Fiji and Solomon Islands), Fungia and Pectinia (Fiji), Seriatopora (Solomon Islands), Agaricia (Haiti), and Montipora, Favites, Platygyra, Acanthastrea, and Oxypora (Tonga).

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