Water Ressources for Haiti

The studies were carried out in two phases with the assistance of the Government of Haiti (GOH) officials and the staff of USAID/Haiti. Phase I involved the collection and review of all available literature to determine its usefulness in providing a sound basis for the identification of potential development areas. The geographic scope of past, present and proposed water resources developments in Haiti were determined in order to avoid duplication of effort and to identify rural areas not now being helped. Based on the results of the initial evaluation of data, 23 target areas were selected for further evaluation out of 130 identified potential development areas. The results of the Phase I studies were presented in an Interim Report to USAID in April 1979.

Phase II, evaluation of selected target areas, was based on on-site investigations and reconnaissance assessments to supple­ment information obtained through the literature review. The evaluation resulted in the ranking of the 23 target areas in order of priority for development.

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